Keystone Bluff is a family-owned business working to share our love of cannabis with the world. We count ourselves among the hundreds of millions of people whose lives are graced by the natural magic of cannabis. 


Keystone Bluff, LLC is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated cannabis business,  incorporated in 2018 with a mission to build a premium cannabis brand for the Massachusetts adult use market. Our “Microbusiness” license application is one of the first in the state.  A hyper-local alternative to generic multi-state factory farms, Keystone Bluff will be one of the smallest independent cannabis growers and product manufacturers in Massachusetts.


Our commitment to social justice and social equity is paramount. In addition to growing great cannabis, we’ll be leading programs to promote industry participation among individuals from communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition, and to positively impact those communities. 


The state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) awarded Keystone Bluff a Provisional License in March 2020.